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 Leena's story
   Who is Leena Turpeinen

Wholehearted Ministry

Wholehearted Ministry ry was founded by Leena Turpeinen as a ministry to help support inner healing and deliverance, both in Finland and abroad. Leena has an accrediation as a pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Finland and she has served the Järvenpää Evangelical Free Church, Arkki, in her own area of expertise for eight years, of which she has worked as the director of inner healing and intercession from 2006 to 2010.

From March 2010 on Leena has been a member of Espoo Evangelical Free Church and she has ministered there as a pastor until the end 2014.

2015 the ministry has moved to Oulu and from October 2016 on back to South Finland Vantaa and Free Evangelical Church Espoo.

Ministry goals/ Vision:

To see that Christians find a love relationship with Jesus and grow in the image of Christ

To see that the church is doing well and that everyone finds his place in the Body of Christ

To equip other churches in prayer/inner healing ministry and make them more able to serve

To spread healing and deliverance ministry throughout Finland and abroad