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Leena 60 years old, relaxing against the backround of Lieksa Koli, in Northern Karelia

(December 2009)

Born in Northern Karelia; Lived in the Sea Lapland

I’m from Northern Karelia—something you can pick up from the way I speak. I got my Master’s Degree in Education in the 70’s. I lived in Kemi, in Lapland, for about 30 years, after which I moved to Järvenpää in 2001. I have two sons and a daughter-in-law, as well as three sweet grandchildren.

I’ve studied at the Bible Institute of London, in the Kensington Temple congregation, for two years: 1999-2000. After that, I have created a number of ministry formats at Arkki Free Church in Järvenpää since 2001. These include: Start Packages for new Christians, Healing Days, training for Healing Days prayer ministers and prayer leaders from various churches, and Healing Rooms Finland prayer clinics in Finland. Healing Days have now spread abroad into Germany and France. I am teaching members of the churches as well as inner healing teams, providing a prayer model in which one person is served by three persons for two hours. Instructional days about hearing God’s voice—teaching on prophecy—has just begun.

A Call to Full-Time Work for the Kingdom of God

At the age of thirty—the same year that I received Christ—God called me into full-time ministry for the Kingdom of God. I have been working as a psychiatric social worker for twelve years, and as a social care instructor for ten years, during which time I led the department of adult education and developing. During this time God taught me those things which I now need in my calling. It was not until I was about 50 that the Lord began to bring in matters concretely related to work for the Kingdom of God, sending me to the Bible Institute of London in 1999-2000 as well as completing my two-year degree in Finland as a church worker for the Finnish Free Church. In 2005, I received my accreditation as a Free Church church worker.


God has given me a call to serve in the areas of inner healing and deliverance, and to equip others as well for that ministry.

I have served in the Järvenpää Free Church, Arkki, since 2001, first holding courses for the preparation of new believers by means of the Start Package Manual, as well as three additional instructional manuals. Since 2006, I have directed the inner healing and intercession ministry at Arkki, and have taken the Healing Days and inner healing team ministry to various churches throughout the country. I have made instructional manuals for this work. In January 2010, I will be going to Germany to hold Healing Days. The 120-page English version of the Healing Days Manual for Prayer Leaders came out in the summer of 2009. The Healing Days Manual for Prayer Leaders has already been translated into French in France.

The Lord has sent me to different places in order to learn more about inner healing and deliverance. These include:

Arken Congregation courses in Stockholm, and ministering with their team in Finland during the period 2002-2005

Prophetic inner healing courses led by Australian Missionary and Pastor Anne Miettinen since 2004

The Father Heart School of the Father Heart Ministry in 2005

Gary and Kathleen Hixon’s True Freedom training in 2006

Elijah House Finland, where I attended a six-week-long basic training course on inner healing in 2007

Micronets training at the Ellel Ministry’s Pierpoint Center in England, in 2008

Global Awakening’s School of Healing and Impartation in Southampton, England, in 2009

Living Water’s group leader training in 2009

Kristian Sand’s Joshua Deliverance Training Seminar in 2009

Wholehearted Ministry

In early autumn of 2009, the Lord urged me to establish an association for my ministry. It has now been established and the registration forms filled out. In the future I will carry out my ministry work through the association.

The association focuses mainly on inner healing and deliverance, Healing Days, training for the inner healing prayer model, international work and the sale of the instructional manuals. The association also makes it possible for many people to step into their calling.

The Work with Healing Rooms Finland

I shall continue to do Healing Rooms Finland work through Wholehearted Ministry.

Healing Rooms Finland became involved to my ministry in the summer of 2008. I began by training prayer ministers in inner healing team ministry in the context of HR clinics, as well as leading Healing Days primarily for HRF prayer ministers, but other believers have been included too. I have made my own 100-page manual for HRF prayer leaders, in which I include everything which I presently teach in HRF.

Tent making - Part-time Secular Work Continues

I have worked as a psychiatric social worker since 2001, and have been a part-time worker in the field since 2007. My spiritual work had then increased to such an extent that I no longer had enough time to work as a full-time social worker. I will be able to retire in the beginning of 2013.

Leader of the Wholehearted Ministry